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Lake Mitchell Advisory committee delays recommendation to city council

The Lake Mitchell Advisory committee is delaying a recommendation to the City Council on how to proceed with improving the quality of the algae laden body of water.

Chairman Joe Kippes says the group agrees on the $11-million-dollar step one which involves dredging the lake to remove existing phosphorus. However it’s asking consultant FYRA to provide additional information regarding cost for step two. “We gotta get that…for the most part I don’t know that is does us a lot of good to do just one of the two steps”, said Kippes. “If you clean up your lake and you have contaminated water coming in, you won’t have a clean lake for long.”

Step two includes a retention pond, wetlands, alum injection, hot spot identification and pursuing additional funding.

The estimated cost of step two is about $8-million dollars.

The committee wants to present its recommendation to the city council before budget hearings in August.