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Category: Ag News

U.S. Senate attempt to de-list gray wolves fails

Wisconsin U.S. Senators made another attempt to have the gray wolf removed from the Endangered Species List, but failed.  Republican Ron Johnson and Democrat Tammy Baldwin proposed an amendment to the Natural Resources Management Act, but the amendment was defeated. The final legislation passed the U.S. Senate, but without the support of Johnson, who said …

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Cold weather unlikely to kill crop pests like farmers might expect

A crop entomologist says he does not expect this winter’s cold weather to have a big impact on crop pests across much of the Corn Belt because of most insects’ ability to hide and adapt. “The wind chill doesn’t really have the impact on insects that it does on us. Anything that is spending the …

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Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association celebrates 40th anniversary

The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Lauren Ketcham, communications coordinator with OEFFA, says the organization has covered a lot of ground over the past four decades. “We really were part of the movement to create an organic label and a federal organic program,” she says. “We started with just …

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Correlation between dairy testing and farm income

A Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) manager in southeast Minnesota sees a correlation between on-farm research and income. Murl Niebuhr is based at the Zumbrota DHIA laboratory. “It’s interesting, sometimes when the farm economy starts to go south, dairymen tend to test more to get rid of those cows.” DHIA labs take milk samples, test …

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More farmland for sale in the Fed’s Tenth District

Cortney Cowley An economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City says they are seeing more farmland on the market this winter. Cortney Cowley says while farmland prices have been surprisingly stable, the question is whether demand will keep pace with the increased supply in 2019. “Even though we still appear to be in …

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Mixed week for U.S. export inspections

More than 400,000 tons of U.S. soybeans left U.S. ports for China last week. According to the USDA’s weekly export inspections report, China was the top destination for U.S. beans for the week ending February 14th, followed by Mexico and the European Union, ahead of more trade talks this week. Soybean inspections have improved, but …

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It’s National FFA week

FFA members across the country are celebrating National FFA Week and sharing the impact the organization has had on their lives. Riley Pagett is the director of advocacy and government relations for the National FFA Organization. “It’s a week-long celebration where chapters can come together, can advocate for the organization that has changed many of …

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Stormy pattern for much of the Heartland

During the next 3 days, a complex and powerful storm system will emerge from the southern Rockies and move northeastward into the Great Lakes region. A large area from the southern Rockies into the upper Midwest will receive heavy snow, while portions of the middle and northern Atlantic States will have to contend with snow, …

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Soil scientist says spend limited soybean input dollars where it matters

University of Wisconsin Soil Science Professor Carrie Laboski Dr. Carrie Laboski with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Soil Science tells Brownfield their field trials show the importance of pH levels and potassium for soybean production. Continue reading Soil scientist says spend limited soybean input dollars where it matters at Brownfield Ag News.      

What’s kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea that some claim has special health benefits. Kombucha starts with green or black tea with bacteria, sugar and yeast added. After a week or two, it’s fermented. That means it has probiotics – which are good bacteria that promote good gut health. Continue reading What’s kombucha? at Brownfield Ag News. …

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Scherder Farms wins Missouri Leopold Award

Scherder Farms was presented the Missouri Leopold Conservation Award, sponsored in part by Missouri Soybean. Tom Steever spoke to John Scherder who says he uses many conservation practices in his cattle and row crop operation. He considers cover crops to be among the most important practices. To find out more, visit mosoy.org. Brought to you by …

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Dairies under tremendous financial stress

Continued low milk prices are causing a tremendous amount of stress on dairy farmers.  Minnesota Department of Agriculture director of mental health Ted Matthews says dairy farmers don’t have many options when prices for the commodity they produce are depressed. “With dairy, they can’t hold their product and hope that in six months or a …

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Researcher says pH & potassium critical for soybean success

A University of Wisconsin soil scientist says during tough financial times, farmers need to put their soybean fertilizer money where it will do the most good.  Dr. Carrie Laboski says two big factors affecting beans are pH and potassium levels. “We can sometimes see as much as a 40% yield reduction when soil pH is …

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GMO chocolate? Yes!

A Fresh Look gave away GMO chocolate bars the week before Valentine’s Day. Why GMO? The question is, “Why not?” Continue reading GMO chocolate? Yes! at Brownfield Ag News.      

Diversifying markets promotes profitability

Trade rifts, growing supplies of protein, and opportunity for demand are just a few of the reasons diversifying markets help improve the bottom line for livestock producers. In this Managing for Profit, Dan Halstrom, president and CEO of the US Meat Export Federation talks about the opportunities new markets present for both beef and pork. …

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Pattern remains very active Nationwide

A series of poorly organized disturbances will traverse the country during the next several days, delivering widespread, generally light rain and snow. In the West, precipitation will taper to scattered rain and snow showers, although chilly conditions will persist and—in some areas—further intensify. Substantially below-normal temperatures will also expand to cover all of the Great …

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Temps, weather vary greatly Nationwide

Across the Corn Belt, bitterly cold weather covers the upper Midwest, where Friday morning’s low temperatures ranged from 0 to -20°.  Cold, breezy weather prevails across the remainder of the Corn Belt, with snow showers confined to the upper Great Lakes region. On the Plains, frigid conditions continue to grip much of Montana and the …

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Soybeans up ahead of more talks with China

Soybeans were modestly higher on short covering and technical buying. At least some progress was made in this last round of talks with China and more negotiations are expected in the coming week. Crop weather in South America looks non-threatening to favorable, including rain in dry parts of Brazil. Harvest is ongoing in Brazil, so …

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Cattle futures mostly lower, still waiting for direct cash

Chicago Mercantile Exchange live cattle futures were mostly lower, closing before the start of the week’s widespread direct cash business. February was up $.50 at $126.62 and April was down $.20 at $127.17. Feeder cattle were lower ahead of widespread direct trade. March was $1.47 lower at $142.60 and April was down $1.27 at $145.22. …

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ASF education efforts continue

Swine veterinarians around the U.S. have been busy this winter educating pork producers about African Swine Fever (ASF). Iowa State University Swine Extension Veterinarian Dr. Chris Rademacher says one of challenges is that many of ASF’s symptoms resemble other familiar pig diseases. “Early on it’s going to look, unfortunately, like some of the other stuff …

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