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Category: Ag News

Researcher: No connection between cattle antibiotic use and human resistance

Researchers at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (USMARC) in Nebraska say the normal use of antibiotics in cattle does not contribute to antimicrobial resistance in humans. “When we get down to meat, and we have study that’s under review right now, we see no difference in resistance between meats that have been produced conventionally—where antibiotics …

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NAFTA one step closer

  Trade officials appear to be a step closer to wrapping up NAFTA negotiations after last week’s meeting in Washington D.C. but no action has been taken on Canada’s dairy supply management system.  Senate Ag Committee Ranking Member Debbie Stabenow of Michigan tells Brownfield she has a lot of concerns about Canada’s dairy trade. “This could …

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H-2A helping to supply Michigan’s specialty crop workforce

  The head of Great Lakes Ag Labor Services says there is an adequate supply of seasonal labor to start Michigan’s the growing season. “So far, it’s going pretty well, interest in the program continues to grow because it’s the only option for seasonal workers.” General manager Bob Boehm tells Brownfield it’s especially difficult for …

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Democrat supports GOP call for MO Ag Dept funding fix

There is bipartisan support in the Missouri House for more state funding for the Missouri Department of Agriculture. The House Budget Committee’s ranking Democrat supports Republican State Representative Don Rone’s call for additional funding. House Minority Whip Kip Kendrick of Columbia tells Missourinet News the department’s Division of Plant Industries is underfunded, “That office is …

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Dry beans, peas and lentil production forecast lower

  The USDA says pulse crop production in the U.S. is expected slightly lower this year. “Both the production and the planted area for dry beans and peas and lentils is projected down just a little bit more in 2018.” USDA economist Travis Minor says total dry bean acreage is forecast seven percent lower. Dry …

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Official: Major wildfire potential average in western SD

RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) — A fire official says the potential for large wildfires in South Dakota ranges from average to below average across the state. State Fire Meteorologist Darren Clabo said in a Friday seminar at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology that the western and central parts of the state are …

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West-central Minnesota farmer waiting on warmer soils

A west-central Minnesota farmer expects to wait at least another week to begin planting. Kirby Hettver says there should be a lot of activity by next Monday, if the weather cooperates. “It looks like a 40 percent chance (of rain) for us on Tuesday.  Depending on the amount of precipitation, that could push everything back …

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Monsanto on Arkansas and Missouri dicamba dates

Farmers in several states are finding out their ability to use new dicamba products is ever changing. The Arkansas Supreme Court has stayed several decisions in county courts that would have allowed access to dicamba products after April 15th. Monsanto’s dicamba lead, Ryan Rubischko, tells Brownfield Ag News, “We are not providing Xtendimax in that …

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CME dairy prices mostly up Friday

Dairy prices were mostly up Friday at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  Class Three April milk was unchanged at $14.51 a hundredweight.  May was up $.09 at $15.07. June was up $.11 to 15.55. July was up $.07 to $16.01.  The milk futures from August through next March ranged from zero to eight cents higher. Grade …

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Stine agronomist urges patience

A Stine Seed agronomist is advising corn growers to let their soils warm up and dry out some before planting. Mike Smith says planting corn into cool, wet soils can result in problems that last all summer long. “There are several things that can occur,” Smith says. “Sidewall compaction—we can get nutrients being stuck in one …

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Nebraska’s property tax relief drive has ended

Supporters of a billion-dollar property tax relief measure in Nebraska have dropped their efforts to place the issue on the November ballot. Trent Fellers with the coalition called Reform for Nebraska’s Future, says there were growing doubts as to whether the ballot measure was the best route to address the issue. And he says they weren’t …

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Missouri debuts Rural Resources Guide

A resource guide has debuted for rural Missourians. The guide is a collaboration between the state Economic Development Department and the Missouri department of agriculture with local service groups. The guide includes community services, business and community development, workforce and education, infrastructure and governance. Missouri Ag Director Chris Chinn says the guide will benefit farmers …

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N.C. residents win nuisance case against Murphy-Brown

Neighbors of a North Carolina hog farm have won their nuisance case against pork producer Murphy-Brown. A federal jury awarded each of the ten plaintiffs more than five million dollars each in compensatory and punitive damages. Their lawsuit claimed odors and flies coming from the large-scale hog operation caused “loss of use and enjoyment of …

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Stabenow says House farm bill is out of the ordinary

  The Ranking Member of the Senate Ag Committee says a partisan House Ag Committee farm bill makes it difficult for the legislation to be passed. Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan tells Brownfield she’s been part of five farm bills and in 20 years there has never been such a partisan divide.  “In 20 years …

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EU nations vote to ban neonicotinoids

European Union nations have voted to ban the use of neonicotinoids, a move they believe will help protect honey bees. The use of neonicotinoids in the EU has been restricted to certain crops since 2013 after some studies linked the insecticides to unintended deaths of bees. Environmental groups sought the total ban, which has sparked …

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Planting/Crops Tour

On May 18, 2018 Brownfield Anchor/Reporter Ken Anderson will be on the ground in Southwest Iowa for a Planting/Crops Tour. Continue reading Planting/Crops Tour at Brownfield Ag News.      

Former Sen. Richard Lugar visit to Purdue forestry farm

Brownfield Anchor/Reporter Amie Sites will be on the ground for a visit to the Purdue forestry farm by former Sen. Richard Lugar on Monday, April 30 near West Lafayette, IN. Continue reading Former Sen. Richard Lugar visit to Purdue forestry farm at Brownfield Ag News.      

Animal welfare challenges get less attention, but still exist

Concerns involving animal welfare and animal rights are no longer generating daily headlines like they did a few years ago. But the director of the Center for Animal Welfare Science at Purdue University, Candace Croney, says those issues have not gone away. “Certainly, the concerns are still there,” says Croney. “The pressure for those in …

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Setting up for success on your farm

Getting a good handle on fertility early on is key to a successful growing year. Understanding nitrogen, potassium and lime levels greatly impacts other decisions that need to be made on the farm. Every season is different, every farm is different, and what each individual farmer wants can be different. On this Managing for Profit, …

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USDA says most dairy products had more production in 2017

The new USDA report shows butter production rose four-tenths of a percent, and American type cheese up 6.4% Gouda cheese production was up 11.6% and Romano production was up 11.2% over 2016. The biggest drop in production was for brick cheese, which was down 14.9% over the previous year. Nearly half of the Italian type …

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